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About us

Let-Co is a new agency with years of experience. Created by investors for investors, Let-Co aims to provide a personalised efficient service that focuses on comunication. 

What do we do? 

Local team, Local expertise. 

Our team are all local to Lincoln, acting as a perfect base to manage assets across the Midlands. As well as living in Lincoln, some of the team have even studied at Lincoln University, allowing for a unique perspective of the rental market from all points of view, both tenant, landlord and letting agent. 

Let-Co was set up due to poor standards currently offered by other local agencies. What started as a small scale operation to manage personal investments, quickly scaled into a service that was perfect to offer other investors as the systems and processes were already developed and in place. 

We are passionate about both our tenants and landlords and aim to provide the best service we can, based on quality communication and maintaining the highest levels of compliance. 

To ensure this is delivered, all clients are provided with access to a property portal with a coms channel that can be accessed through the portal its self, text, email or even Whatsapp.