Asset Management


Unlocking and maximising the value of your investment through proactive and efficient asset management

The difference between asset management and property management


Fundamentally in the property sector, asset managers will focus on the long term financial performance of a portfolio based on

  • Strategy & optimisation
  • Expenses & income
  • Risk mitigation

Broken down, the asset manager will have a thorough understanding of the assets market cycle and advise through acquisition, holding, and eventually exit. They will advise on how to structure the capital in the investment, allocate the strategy to that specific investment and set KPI’s aligned with the investors long term goals.

Property Management however deals with the day to day management of the property and the all-encompassing elements relating to the tenancy. Some of which includes

  • Finding, referencing and retaining tenants
    Creating and executing lease agreements
  • Enforcing contractual terms
  • Rent Collection & statement delivery
  • General maintenance

Both roles are extremely valuable to serious investors that truly wish to scale as without either, investments will have a drastically increased risk.

How we work


To ensure our clients receive the best return on investment, Let-Co provides a bespoke and proactive approach to asset management that perfectly integrates into our property management service using our specialist software. The team offers exceptional market-led guidance with a proven track record across the UK.

A range of relationships across the country means Let-Co has access to some of the best contacts in the industry, from accountants and surveyors to lenders and financial advisors all being taken advantage of by clients including domestic and international investors, investment and wealth managers and property companies. Our in-house project management team perfectly integrate into our service allowing asset positioning to be a simple and efficient process.

Why use Let-Co's asset management service


  • Provides you with tailored, strategic solutions that will enhance and protect your property investments
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Minimised risk
  • Ensure optimal occupier retention and rent levels
  • Property Management delivered by in house team
  • Project management delivered by in house team
  • Responsible for rent and service charge collection
  • Lease management and building maintenance
  • Facilitate the coordination of specialist services such as insurance procurement
  • Ensuring sector compliance,
  • Utility service management
  • We also provide advice on planned, preventative maintenance activity to ensure accurate budgeting and cost recovery
  • Strategic, deliberate Asset Management
  • We proactively identify and implement tailored strategies to retain and enhance your asset and portfolio value

Looking for some more information?


Book a call with our head of Asset Management, Rhys, to discuss the optimisations of your investments.