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At let-Co, our core priority is communication. In every situation, we will try our best to over-communicate to our investors. We do this through a multitude of methods such as Whatsapp, text, emails and calls. 

What we provide

At Let-Co, we work hard to ensure all of our investors recieve a personalised service that provides the highest levels of communication. When working with us, you can rest assured we will be reachable and operate with your best intentions. 

All properties are advertised using a combination of portals to best suit the prospect demographic. In addition to this, we also offer marketing packages that include professional photography, video walkthroughs and staging. 

After the property has been successfully marketed, Let-Co will conduct viewings and thoroughly reference and prospects, advising the investor through every stage. We will then conduct a thorough inventory report, going through the property in high detail to ensure the condition upon move in is well documented for and potential disputes that may arise. 

Once set up, our investors have access to a portal that allows a detailed insight into their portfolio and allows us to offer a detailed asset management service, managing the portfolio not just on the ground, but from a high level. From the portal, we send monthly statements directly to the investor, showing a detailed summary of their funds.  

Properties are regularly inspected in relevant intervals ensuring they are kept to reasonable standards. Findings are presented in a report thats relayed back to the investor once complete. 

Let-Co is also pleased to share that all moneys are kept in a ring fenced client money account, meaning your funds are safe and protected. Furthermore, We are also a proud member of the PRS.