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Our aim is to make the lives of landlords easier and free up their time to grow their business or pursue their other interests. This is why we offer 7%+VAT for all new customers. We want our landlords to regard us as an asset rather than an expense.

let-co lincoln

We VALUE your time and we know how inconvenient, stressful and time-consuming it can be managing tenants in your rental property so we want to make this as smooth and seamless as possible for you. 

We have all the systems set up so we can easily slot your property into our management company so you can just watch your rent come in without the stress that goes alongside it! 


What can we help with? 

-Tenant Find 

-Marketing, Viewings, Applications
-Tenancy Agreements.

-Property Management             

-Marketing, Viewings, Applications, Tenancy Agreements, Inventory, Deposits, KeyExchange, Inspections & Hands-off Management

-Commercial property management

How it works 


Fill in this quick online form or call us on 01522 243173

We will arrange a time that suits you and discuss your requirements for the management of your property and how we can work together to help you achieve this.


We will inspect your property and If you're happy with the agreement we will arrange for ALL the paperwork to be completed and transfer of your property into our management system 


We will inspect the property regularly- making sure everything is in order, the property is maintained and tenants happy. 

We pride ourselves in being proactive and will preempt and inform you of any issues before they develop 


All our properties are managed through our online system and you will have a dedicated team member for your personal property/ properties who knows each and every single property and tenant 

You can check in with us as little or as often as you like via email or phone 

We endeavour to constantly ensure that we are up to date with the needs and demands of the tenant and rental market so that our properties are always filled with satisfied tenants and no voids for our landlord clients.